A country adrift (the fourth poorest according to a recent study by Save the Children NGO) squeezed between drug dealing (it is the first African port for cocaine from South America), corruption and mistakes by the international community. This is Guinea-Bissau, a little country in West Africa where coup d’états are the order of the day: the latest was on 12 April 2012.

I have chosen to examine the reality of this country through its prisons. These are a valid metaphor for describing the errors of the international community in Guiné-Bissau.

I’ve visited the detention centres of the country (Gabù, Mansoa, Bafata, Bissau) and noted the violation of all the prisoners rights. Thirteen people packed into fourteen square metres. Without water, without food, sleeping and excreting on the ground. They had no electricity, nowhere to wash. There was no health or legal assistance. The men were regularly beaten, the women often raped.