A road, over four hundred miles, three regions. From west to east, from Turin to Venice, crossing what for decades has been the most productive region of Italy. 

Padan(I)a Superiore is a long journey along the former state road Padana Superiore, the SS11, a journey through memories of an industrial past that will never return and a future full of uncertainty. With an unemployment rate nearly doubled in the past decade, the average age of the population increasingly high, this piece of Italy is living in a sort of limbo from which it doesn’t seem able to get out.

Padan(I)a Superiore is also a journey through the northern Italian province, and in the geographical area generally know as Padania. An area who gave birth to the rightist and xenophobic Lega Nord political party, an area proud of its identity. An identity  questioned in the least years: firstly by the economic crisis, and then by the influx of migrant workers.

Padan(I)a Superiore is a slow journey, begun in 2014 and not yet completed. A solitary journey, that soon turned into a dialogue between the photographer and the landscape, between the man and the reality of these places.