Dominique Bizimana, a former Tutsi fighter of the “Rwanda Patriotic Front”, before the 1994 Genocide was a volleyball player. His dream was to reach an Olympic game, but the war and a bad injury in which he has lost one leg forced him to abandon this dream. But Dominique never give up and after a decade he finally made it: he was in London 2012. But not at the Olympic games, at the Paralympic games. He was there with the Rwandan sitting volley national team, probably the best example of the “new Rwanda”. Made up of both Tutsi and Hutu the team has become in the last couple of years a symbol of the reconciliation process in the country. The majority of the players suffered injuries and amputation, on both sides, during the 1994 Genocide. The captain, Dominique, is a Tutsi, Jean Rukundo, the vice captain, a Hutu. They were enemies, they killed each other, now they play in the same team and fight together for the qualification at the 2016 Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro