Madagascar is synonimous with animated films, tourist attractions and spectacular wildlife, but less is known about the real situation in the country, that with no geostrategic importance doesn’t receives global attention despite widespread hunger, growing poverty and increasing infectious disease.

Outside the luxurious resorts in the northern part of the island, the situation of the country is tragic: 82% of the Malagasy people live in poverty, and over 50% of the population is stunted. Two major political crisis and the El Nino phenomenon had a huge impact  on the already fragile health system. More than 2 milion of children suffer from acute malnutrition, particularly in the South, every day 10 women die in childbirth and only 1% of HIV positive people are under treatment.

These are only some datas useful to understand how this country is on the brick of the abyss. Madagascar despite is tragic situation is one of the countries that receive less fundings from international donors and international organizations.