What is Padania?

For some this word means nothing, for others it’s simply a Northern Italian geographical area, and for some people also it is an entity, never really recognized, where political and independent movements have found their base.

Its visual representation has become strongly stereotyped during the least decades.

Padanistan“is a visual investigation on the identity of a territory that drifts away from its well-known daily narration.

It is an analysis of its urban spaces, its borders, its ecosystem. It is a narration of the relationship between landscape and human presence, in an area undergoing a strong transformation: closed between the memory of an industrial past and a future full of uncertainties.

A project that delves into the identity and the depiction of a place, of a wide community.

Developed along the National Route Padana Superiore (former SS11), started in 2016 and not yet finished.