From Treccani Encyclopedia:

Padània Another name used for the valley along the river Po, divided into Upper Padania, which includes the plain in Piemonte, and the Lower Padania, which includes the plains of Lombardia and Veneto.”

This is not just a geographical area, it is also an entity, never really recognized, where political and independent movements have found their base. Over the years, Padania has been represented in Italy as an example to follow, as an economic and entrepreneurial model: but what is Padania really? And above all: does it actually exist outside the virtual perimeter that has so far given an identity to an idea?

Padanistan” is a visual survey of a territory, from Turin to Venice, from Piemonte to Veneto, wanting to try to tell the story of a part of Italy, drifting away from the well-known, daily narration of this territory that has been maintained over the years.

It is an analysis of its urban spaces, its borders, its environment and the people living and moving in this area. A story about the very complex relationship between landscape and human presence, in an area undergoing a strong transformation which now appears to live in a sort of limbo: closed between the memory of an industrial past and a future full of uncertainties, between the inevitable changes that are sweeping across it and the true identity of its places.

Padanistan” wants to try to be a different narrative, ironic and melancholic at the same time, of Padania and the provinces of Northern Italy, its borders, its contradictions and its suspension over time.

A story developed along the National Route Padana Superiore (former SS11), a story started in 2016 and not yet finished.