What is Padania?
A word that has become part of everyday life in Italy, indicating an area of Northern Italy that extends from the Alps to the Adriatic Sea.
A territory that exists in the ideas of many, but that geographically and culturally remains undefined.
A region full of contradictions, on which a narration has been built over the years that has led to the definition of a precise identity and to the definition of a stereotyped visual representation.
And it is precisely this stereotyped representation, produced notably by medias and political communication, that PADANISTAN wants to challenge.
A visual investigation into the identity of a territory, of places and communities, that drifts away from its well know daily narration.
An analysis of its urban spaces, its borders, its ecosystem. A narration of the relationships between territory and human presence, in an area undergoing a strong transformation: closed between the memory of an industrial past and a future full of uncertainties.
Developed along the National Route Padana Superiore (former SS11), started in 2016 and still ongoing.